We are born with a voice, and we are asked to use it. We are not here to be invisible. We are here to use our voices to express our truth and connect with each other.

—Zoë Kors

How to Live a Wildly Expressed Life

Zoe Kors is writer, speaker, and coach. She combines Tantra, Zen Buddhism, meditation, yoga, breathwork, with Western Psychotherapy and Co-Active Coaching to help women heal and transform their sexuality within a sisterhood of wildly-expressed women. She lives in LA with her 10-year-old son.


“If I had to describe the essence of creativity that really excites me, it’s the aspect of truth-telling.


Whether it’s standing looking at a Mark Rothko painting, or listening to a Verdi opera, there is an aspect of art that is an undeniable statement of truth. It’s been the driving force in my life and continues to be. There is just something about artistic expression that is this divine moment of truth.


My father is an artist and teacher, and as he always says: the human beings on this planet who are closest to God are artists.” – Zoé Kors

The practical stuff...

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