When I start to lose control or something comes up that I don’t know how to handle, I have to come back to centering myself, having faith in my process, and understanding that it’s not a reflection of my ability as a baker but that I’m in that process of becoming a better baker.

—Susannah Gebhart

Cultivating Faith, Presence, and Craft

Susannah Gebhart owns OWL bakery: an artisan bakeshop specializing in naturally leavened breads and European-inspired pastries . She runs it “with a rigorous eye, inquisitive palate, exacting standards, and a desire to bring customers products that feed both the spirit and the body.” She lives with her dog, Frederick, in Asheville, NC.



“Often we wait for a burst of inspiration or some giant accomplishment. It’s easy to look to those things for affirmation: to know ourselves as a creative person or a successful person. Overlooked is the power of the daily practice and the commitment to doing something over and over and over again and the ordeal that involves. It’s messy, it’s hard. It takes an incredible well of stamina. Only through that process are we really able to understand that our success and our expression comes in tiny moments and tiny details that happen on a daily basis.


It’s not about getting an article in Bon Apétit. It’s about what happens when you put on your apron and you scale your flour. What happens when you’ve laminated by hand hundreds of thousands of croissants and finally get the opportunity on a daily basis to make something that you can be proud of.” – Susannah Gebhart

The practical stuff...

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