I don’t see consumption as a bad thing. If you consume the right things you can have really wonderful objects around you and a really wonderful lifestyle because of those objects.

—Nick Moen

How to Disrupt an Industry With Your Art

Nick Moen is a potter and the creator of The Bright Angle: a business bridging technology and craft. The Bright Angle is a collective of artists creating handmade objects for mindful daily rituals that create a sense of gratitude and joy throughout the day. Nick and The Bright Angle can be found in Asheville, NC.



“In the end of the day it comes down to problem solving. That’s what I teach.


It’s how do you solve problems and how do you give tools to people in order to solve those problems. How do you not get dismayed or defeated by problems because that’s what life is. It’s a series of problems that you have to learn how to solve. Sometimes it seems easy and sometimes it isn’t.” -Nick Moen

The practical stuff...

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