Nick Moen

Nick Moen is a potter and the creator of The Bright Angle: a business bridging technology and craft. The Bright Angle is a collective of artists creating handmade objects for mindful daily rituals that create a sense of gratitude and joy throughout the day. Nick and The Bright Angle can be found in Asheville, NC.

My creativity stemmed from the problem solving part of it all. There was always another problem to solve. It’s kind of indicative of the struggle of the artist because it’s never quite done. If something was good enough then we’d stop making. There’s always one more better thing or the next better thing to do.

Some things we talk about…

  • creative problem solving, the challenges of collaboration
  • how to run a successful kickstarter campaign
  • why it matters where your things come from and
  • how to have more with less

“I always joke that I never give up but I give up every day. There’s always a moment where I sigh, and say, “Oh man another problem.” But I’ve convinced myself that every problem can be solved.”

“I don’t see consumption as a bad thing. If you consume the right things you can have really wonderful objects around you and a really wonderful lifestyle because of those objects.”