We all have access to a creative lifestyle…we should be putting that into the whole of our lives. We all eat, drink, and need shelter. I feel like we should also be creatively involved with what makes up the content of our lives.

—Nathanael Roney

Changing Lives: One Piece of Art at a Time

Nathanael Roney is a full-time pedestrian and artist. Most of his work begins with black-line drawings that get turned into posters, fine illustrations, commissioned paintings, public murals, and signage. He lives in Asheville, NC.



“Every time I paint a mural I get what I call “hot head.” Once I get the drawing up there, and I’m satisfied that my map is going to work and that’s how it needs to be done, then I put the brush to the wall for the first time and I get this rush of anxiety, the “hothead.” Because I get this flood of, “This is going to take forever” or “It’s going to be so difficult going through the cracks of the bricks” then I worry that it’s going to look like some crappy version of something I would do. It’s as if I become embarrassed of it right away. I have this defeatest sort of flood of emotion rush over me like I feel outnumbered and I’m not going to be able to uphold that standard.


In that way, yes that standard is holding me back and I need to ditch that and get comfortable with it or I’m not going to be functional and it will be that crappy version of my effort.”  -Nathanael Roney

The practical stuff...

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