Nathanael Roney

Nathanael Roney is a full-time pedestrian and artist. Most of his work begins with black-line drawings that get turned into posters, fine illustrations, commissioned paintings, public murals, and signage. He lives in Asheville, NC.

We all have access to a creative lifestyle…we should be putting that into the whole of our lives. We all eat, drink, and need shelter. I feel like we should also be creatively involved with what makes up the content of our lives.

Some things we talk about…

  • the value of street art
  • the power of art to shake up a stagnant society
  • how to move through “hot head” – the potentially paralyzing anxiety every artist faces
  • creativity as the highest pursuit and
  • how to bring art into every part of your life

“With art, with a painting at least, if you’re making something out of nothing, you can always get it right. It’s not like you had your chance. It’s not like you had your three strikes.”

“Every individual has  the capacity to express itself and every individual has plenty to express.”