I know what’s best for me. There is nobody else on the planet, no matter what degrees they have or how much experience they have or anything, that knows me better than I know myself. So I just have to remember that and trust myself.

—Melody Ross

Grief, Loss, and the Healing Power of Art

Melody Ross makes art for a living. When she isn’t making art she’s writing, teaching, and forever seeking all things beautiful and true. She is the founder of Brave Living (as well as Brave Girls Club and Brave Girl University), is a mama to five kids, and has a weakness for crème brulée. She lives in Idaho with her husband.




““I have all these things I’m scared of, but then there all these things I want to do so badly. That has to be the thing that I always turn my face toward. That doesn’t mean the fears are gone. It just means I don’t have my face turned towards them. I know they are there, and sometimes they are screaming really loud. But as long as I keep my face turned towards the things that I really want and that my heart is yearning for, then once I get in the flow I can’t hear the fears anymore.


I trust that the fears are always going to be there but I don’t trust the fears anymore.” -Melody Ross

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