We have to examine what is true for us. As long as we are doing and making decisions that are aligned with our values and our beliefs we are going to be okay.

—Kelly Rae Roberts

How to Find Passion and Success at Any Age

Kelly Rae Roberts is an artist, writer, teacher, and a possibilitarian who believes art heals and we that we get to craft the exact life we want. She started making art at 30 and selling it a year and a half later. Now she has a thriving business based out of Portland, OR where she lives with her husband, son, and their English bulldog, Lulu.



“On the canvas we often talk about just follow those creative urges you have on the canvas. If you have this urge to put a giant mark of black paint on the painting, it might sound crazy but do it. It’s so important to follow those creative urges because it will then lead to the next decision that you will make on that painting. And the same is true of life.


What I found is creativity and business and being an entrepreneur and motherhood – all of it has been a really beautiful playground for spiritual growth. We all come to our spiritual growth in different ways but for me it started with following these creative urges along the path of making art even though it didn’t ‘make sense’ for me.”  -Kelly Rae Roberts


The practical stuff...

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