I’m not trying to make people poets I’m just trying to open them to the poetry in their lives. And everybody has poetry in their lives.

—Glenis Redmond

How to Commit to Your Calling

Glenis Redmond is a poet, a teaching artist, and an imagination activist. She travels over 35,000 miles a year bringing poetry to prisons, half-way houses, corporations, and schools. She’s the poet in residence at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC and the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ as well as a NC Literary Recipient and a Cave Canem Fellow. Glenis lives in Greenville, SC.



“What I tell my students is: ‘You’ve got to find your particular view on life. You have to find the way to turn the volume up in your own world. Validate your work. That frustration needs to be turned up and the beauty needs to be turned up because beauty can be validated just as much as the struggle can. But you’ve got to find a way to say it and make your place at the table.


Find your voice. Your voice is legitimate no matter who you are.’” – Glenis Redmond

The practical stuff...

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