I don’t have to make all my income from my art sales. I can be an artist no matter what else I’m doing to support myself.

—Ekaterina Popova

How to Build a Following and Make a Difference with Your Art

Ekaterina Popova is a painter and the founder of Create! magazine – an digital and print publication for artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs. Her art has been featured in multiple publications including Stuido Visit Magazine, the cover of Ivory Tower Journal as well as on Creative Boom and The Jealous Curator. She lives with her boyfriend in Wilmington, DE.



“I read a book awhile ago… the author said to always say to yourself every day, “I’m an artist.” Ever since I read that, I think I read it in 2007, 2008, since then every day I tell myself, ‘I’m an artist.’


Just that little subconscious thought, whether I say it out loud or it passes through my mind, it always reminds me to go sketch something – draw an apple from observation or make something from memory, anything – just to remind yourself of who you are. That always kept me going. That simple phrase, ‘I am an artist.’” – Ekaterina Popova

The practical stuff...

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