Ekaterina Popova

Ekaterina Popova is a painter and the founder of Create! magazine – an digital and print publication for artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs. Her art has been featured in multiple publications including Stuido Visit Magazine, the cover of Ivory Tower Journal as well as on Creative Boom and The Jealous Curator. She lives with her boyfriend in Wilmington, DE.

When we’re creating we are the closest to the best versions of ourselves. We feel the most alive.

Some things we talk about…

  • creative ways to survive as an artist
  • Kat’s personal journey from art school to working three jobs to financially supporting herself full-time as an artist
  • how artists can use social media to market themselves and
  • the most important phrase to know for owning your creativity and pursuing a creative path

“I don’t have to make all my income from my art sales. I can be an artist no matter what else I’m doing to support myself.”

“Tell yourself, I’m not giving up on this. This is what I love. No matter what’s going on in my life I’m always going to carve out a tiny bit of time. This is just a part of you. It doesn’t matter whatever else is happening.”