The world is so hard sometimes. There will always be another challenge and there will always be another disappointment. In light of that we have to make ourselves known, to offer new light to a sometimes dark place.

—Davin Youngs

How to Transform Everything Through the Power of Voice

Davin Youngs is the founder and owner of Chicago’s premier private singing studio, Davin Youngs Voice. He also founded and runs, VOXUS: teaching team building through improvised singing. He’s a professional singer who believes singing is a superpower that changes the world. He lives in Chicago.

“To feel like you’re making sound that travels well, that expresses your essence, your being – that has superpowers. It has magical powers. It transcends the physical. I really believe that when people experience that, when they experience their voice in this way, they feel more human and they feel more connected to the larger humanity as well as that which extends beyond humanity.”  -Davin Youngs

The practical stuff...

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