Christa David

Christa David left a six-figure earning career as a public health researcher for a full-time gig as an artist. She makes collages, paintings, and photographs that explore themes of racial, economic, and social inequity. Here Christa talks about what she learned as a 14-year-old mom and how that informs her art business today, the ups and downs of being your own boss, and what it means to make art as a black woman in America today.

Being an artist, I have to remind myself that risk is essential. Even though its uncomfortable sometimes or I may not feel like I have the skill to execute the vision I have in my mind, I have to remind myself that risk is essential. I’m not going to have a long art practice unless I’m taking those risks every single day.

Some things we talk about…

  • the 3 non-negotiables in art and business
  • how to deal with jealousy and envy (and avoid the comparison trap)
  • the most (and least) effective ways to market your thing
  • transitioning from a six-figure career to life as a full-time artist and
  • the ups and downs of being your own boss

“The power of art is that if it’s good it can wake someone up. That’s the job of an artist. If I can get you to stop and pause for a second and to feel something, anything, I’ve done my job.” 

“At the end of the day it comes down to your choices. There is still a choice I get to make in this situation. I get to wake up everyday and I get to do my best and I get to dream.”