You could take everything away from me right now and I would still figure out how to make a living and how to push forward because I’ve figured out my talent. I know what I’m good at. And my true happiness lies within creating art. That’s what makes me happy.

—Ashley Longshore

There Are No Good Excuses and There Is No Better Time

Ashley Longshore is a pop art painter whose work is found around the world and whose clients include Blake Lively, Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Eli Manning, Katherine Heigl, and HRH Prince Pierre D’Arenberg. Ashley has major collaborations with Anthropologie, Chloe, and Veuve Cliquot and she’s been featured in Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes to name just a few. She lives in New Orleans, LA.



“You can’t just sit around and think about it. I see way too many people that are whining, they are negative, they are sitting around scratching a broke ass and wondering why everything isn’t happening to them. And I’m like, ‘Well, of course it’s not happening. You’re negative. You’re just sitting around talking about why it’s not happening. Tell me why it is. Let’s switch that damn energy. Don’t let it suck you down into a black hole.’


And that is a conscious decision no matter where you are in your life, whether you’ve got money or you don’t. Or you know where you want to be or what you want to do or you don’t. You can control your thoughts and stay in that positive place and it will always lead you where you need to be.” —Ashley Longshore

The practical stuff...

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