Antuan Byers

Antuan Byers is a dancer, a teacher, and a choreographer. He’s performed with many dance companies including the Washington National Ballet, Ailey II, and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet as well as his own company, the Antuan Byers Project. Antuan graduates from the Ailey/Fordham BFA program this May. He lives in New York City.


I know there are certain things I can’t change. I don’t see those as bad things. I see them as things that make me stand out and make me different and make me an asset in certain situations.

Some things we talk about…

  • breakdowns – emotional and physical – and how not to let them break you down
  • how to create and maintain your own self-esteem, especially when in a very competitive environment
  • dance as a tool for social change
  • a typical day in the world of a professional dancer and
  • Antuan’s personal journey from a young kid in Dallas, TX to a professional dancer on national and international stages

“I’ve dealt with rejection in this industry and for me I had to step away as a form of protection for myself. I had to believe in myself first.”

“I try to look at the things that I have that make me special and that’s what I ride on, that’s what I feed myself.”