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Kelly Rae Roberts

What time do you get up?

My son True (6 yrs old) usually comes into our room for snuggles around 6:30 a.m. We then lounge around a bit in our big bed with him and our English Bulldog, Lulu. I’m a sloooow waker. I often fall back asleep after snuggles while True and my husband, John, head down stairs for breakfast. By 8 a.m. I’m up and running.


What time do you go to sleep?

I generally try and get myself cozy in bed between 8:30 and 9 with a book or a show on the ipad. I’m generally asleep by 10 pm.


Is your creative work your full-time job?



Do you wait for inspiration before you begin or do you begin regardless of inspiration?

I am often on deadline so I don’t wait for the inspiration. Usually, however, once I get started with a painting (or writing), the inspiration will flow. Like many things, starting is often the hardest part.

How many hours a day, on average, do you do your creative work?

Hmmm, no more than 3hours. That seems to be about my stopping point for painting or writing. I can then do admin work for a couple more hours before I’m done and done.


At what point are you done for the day?

This really varies, but lately I’m done by 3pm when my son gets home from school.


Do you work primarily in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Mornings, and early afternoons. I used to be able to work in the evenings, but nowadays I reserve that for working out, reading, and lounging.

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their rituals, routines, and daily habits.

The routine is as much a part of the creative process as the lightning bolt of inspiration, maybe more. And this routine is available to everyone. —Twyla Tharp