I have another gift for you.

On Monday I sent you “Live Creative: A Manifesto” for artists everywhere.

To remind us that our life is our art.

Everyone is an artist. Everyone is creative. And everyone has something to make.


Then on Wednesday, following the craziness of the election, I wrote to you of the power of creativity.

Its power to:

  • change the game
  • redefine success – on your own terms
  • make this world bigger, bolder, brighter and
  • craft your life into the one you choose, not the ones others choose for you.

Creativity is how we rise up.


And today I give you creativity journal.

I love this journal.


It’s for all the artists, creators, and makers who have something they want to make and need a little help staying put long enough to make it.

It’s a way to find focus amidst the distractions, discover time inside of the craziness, and dance within the discipline.

It is for those who turn away from schedules and systems, routines and habits, but towards making stuff and sharing it with others.

It’s not meant to reign you in. It’s meant to help you fly.

Here you go. Download here.

Take it. It’s yours.

Now fly.