My name is Daphne

And this is The Creativity Habit.

The Creativity Habit is about, and for, ALL artists, creatives, and makers.

Painters, poets, bloggers, farmers, singers, speechwriters, bakers, programmers, designers, podcasters, actors, illustrators, activists, potters, jewelers, architects, writers, tattoo artists, furniture makers, photographers, gardeners, woodcarvers, bookbinders, dancers, entrepreneurs, healers…


There is no separate ART world. No special type of CREATIVE.




Everyone is an artist.
Everyone is creative.
And everyone has something to make.


Here is where all artists, creatives, and makers gather to make their thing, choose their life, and change their world.

My Official Bio

2008: Started my first online business

2009: Held my first tele summit. Interviewed folks including Byron Katie, Debbie Ford, Gabrielle Bernstein, Neale Donald Walsch

2009-2011: Wrote and sold my first book. Grew my list to several thousand men and women around the world. Launched and sold products, group coaching programs and private coaching services with clients from Canada to Canberra, Australia.

2011: Became a business coach..Interviewed more folks including Marie Forleo, Bari Tessler, Jennifer Louden, Justine Musk, Paul Jarvis. Sold more group coaching programs and private coaching services to clients in South America, North America, Europe and Australia.

Now: I run The Creativity Habit. It’s a weekly digest, a quarterly challenge and a community of thousands where everyone is creative and everyone makes art. 

And The Not So Official Stuff

I’m a mama. I always wanted to be a mama since I was a girl. A zen teacher once said to me that being a parent is the hardest 18-year spiritual retreat you will ever embark on. He was right.

I’m an entrepreneur. Because I want to live my life my way, my vision, my rules. And because I want to do something that matters.

I’m spiritual. Which means different things at different times. Right now it means I meditate in the mornings, most days, and then spend as many moments as I remember being present, grateful and honest. 

I’m a growth junkie. I can’t help it. I just want to grow. Sometimes that means upending my life. Sometimes it means upending my thinking. But it’s always upending something. 

I’m creative. It took a long time for me to realize that. Mostly because I believed in creativity with a capital “C” and art with a capital “A.” I don’t believe it anymore. I believe that we are creative because we are human. And we make art when we are true. 

This is my work. Because I think the world will be better off when we all come back to making art.

What I’m Working On Now

Raising two teenagers – one strong, smart, beautiful girl, and one gentle, baseball-loving, big-hearted boy – with my husband in Asheville NC.

Building this business and running Women’s Creativity Circles.

Creating courses and doing private coaching for folks who want to make stuff because making stuff is a way we bring us into the world.

Learning to write better, grow more, and stay as strong and loving as possible.

Living creatively.