The Creativity Habit

The Creativity Habit is for those who use their creativity to innovate, disrupt, and elevate. It’s a magazine, a podcast, and profiles of artists and makers.  

The Creativity Habit is about diversity: of ideas, experience, race, religion, background, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, and art.

It’s about creating change with what you make.


My Story

My name is Daphne. 

I was born on Long Island, NY but have no place I call home. At 2 years-old we moved to Manhattan. At 5: Brookline, MA. At 10: Marin County, California. At 14: Lafayette, CA.

I’ve been on the move ever since: Brooklyn, Upstate NY, France, Indonesia, back to CA, and now Asheville, NC. I think I may stay in Asheville.

I have a twin sister. Growing up she was the artist and I was the academic. She made paintings and drawings and beautiful mosaics out of tile and glass. I studied French writers and the women’s movement. She graduated and eventually went on to become a teacher. She still makes art.

I graduated and biked cross-country, spent three years living at a Zen Center and working on an organic farm, had two kids, and eventually started the first of many businesses. Some successful. Some less so.

All of it brought me here: The Creativity Habit. A place to honor those who spend their lives, or at least a part of it, making. Making art. Making stuff. Making.

The Creativity Habit is for those who use their creativity to innovate, disrupt, and elevate. It’s a magazine, a podcast, and profiles of artists and makers. It’s their stories and their wares. It’s a community meant to inspire anyone and everyone to make their thing because I believe the world needs each of us to make something.

I still don’t call myself an artist. I’m more of a curator of those who do call themselves artists. Or makers. But I make art in a million ways every day. When I cook. Write. Interview. Take pictures. Dress. In one way or another it’s all art. It’s all an expression of who I am, who you are, and who we are together.

We live in interesting times. We need creativity to help us navigate this world and to bring positive change into our lives and the lives of those we love.

Creativity takes courage, faith, letting go, and leaping. Creativity is not an easy undertaking because it is putting our most buried parts out into the open and allowing them to be seen.

But that is the work.

And here is where we honor every brave soul willing to take up that challenge, walk the unchartered path, and use their creativity to innovate, disrupt, and elevate.